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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will come with a 5G model

  • 5g mobile phone Galaxy Note 10 5G model confirmed before the announcement Likely to launch later in the year, as usual

5g mobile phone, Verizon’s CEO, Hans Vestberg – intentionally or otherwise – has confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will have a 5G model.


The comments were made during a quarterly earnings call, where he stated that “The Note and the Galaxy coming this year will both have 5G.”

As pointed out by The Verge, the comments were made in the context of pointing out that the US carrier also has a 5G phone in the works from LG: the V50 ThinQ.

While it’s nice to get confirmation directly from a source who actually does know the roadmap for 2019, it’s not at all surprising to hear the Note 10 will come in 5G flavor too.

After all, there’s a 5G version of the Galaxy S10 coming in the next couple of months, and plenty of other big-name manufacturers are rushing out their own 5G phones.

Oppo has the Reno 5G, Huawei has the foldable Mate X and OnePlus will launch a 5G OnePlus 7. Samsung will not want to be seen as playing catch up 5g mobile phone.

What’s more, there’s also the point that the Note series, for years, has been the phone Samsung uses to showcase its flagship prowess. It has the best cameras, battery life, processing power and – of course – the S-Pen.

5G flagships from the big names are a given, then. What’s not certain is just how quickly carriers can roll out a network you can use them on.

In Europe, Swisscom told us that its 5G network in Switzerland is only being held up by approval from governmental bodies. It’s ready to switch on in dozens of big cities and towns.

In the UK, we’re not that far along the process. But, with EE championing its range of 5G devices ready to launch, it’s clear there’s movement.

With that being said, we suspect we’ll see some early 5G phone quirks. Like the first 4G and 3G phones, we’d be surprised if there weren’t some teething issues, like poor temperature management and battery life.

Still, 5G promises a fast, efficient mobile experience, and it’s great to see big name manufacturers getting in on the action early to push that technology forwards. Even if the reality of that vision won’t be seen for a couple more years yet